How to Gain Weight and Build Muscle

Lift heavy to gain muscle weight!

Lift heavy to gain weight!

Skinny guys say it all the time: “I need to gain weight!”

With so much conflicting advice around this topic, it’s easy to become confused and not know who or what to believe. So it’s very important that you get hold of the best weight gaining tips.

As a skinny guy (or girl) who desperately wants to put on some extra weight, you’ve probably been advised to “just eat more” or “you were born skinny” or the old story of “You can’t bulk up… Both your parents are thin, so you have skinny genes too”…

This can get pretty frustrating right?

If you accept these misconceptions, you will limit yourself to a life of skinniness. The truth is that it IS possible to gain weight and muscle with a bit of effort on your part and having access to the right advice.

Gaining weight the healthy way is a big topic, however it’s not rocket science. Basically it comes down to the following three critical weight gaining tips that you will need to include into your lifestyle to ensure you get results. They won’t necessarily be easy to follow at times, but the key is to make them become part of your daily routine so that you get some consistency, and after a few weeks you will soon be making good progress.


How to Gain Weight and Muscle Fast – Top 3 Tips


  1. Weight training
  2. Diet
  3. Rest

Start an effective weight training routine to build muscle and strength


You cannot escape the fact that you will need to start lifting heavy weights in order to gain muscle and weight in a healthy manner. This doesn’t mean you have to get a gym membership right away if you don’t have one already. There are plenty of effective body weight exercises that you can do at home or your local park to start with, and if you have a few weights you can use them as well as you get stronger.

It’s important to note that not all muscle building exercises are equal; when it comes to gaining weight fast there’s only a handful of exercises that produce the most results in the least time. Read this previous post about the best weight gaining exercises.


Get a meal plan and foods for healthy weight gain


Diet and nutrition is the area that skinny guys most often neglect. You cannot expect to get bigger without eating a lot more than what you’re currently eating. You must select a well-balanced weight gaining diet and eat at the right times and in the right proportions.


Get enough rest and don’t over-train


Your muscles grow when you rest, so it goes without saying that you should be getting 8–10 hours of quality sleep each night. This is by far the easiest weight gaining tip. Getting adequate rest will significantly boost your results when combined with weight training and the right diet. Avoid overtraining by allowing at least 48 hours between each workout.

All three of these tips are equally important, so if you neglect any of them or get lazy you will not see the results you desire.

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Awesome Muscle Building Meals

New to muscle building, or having trouble choosing what foods are best to help you gain weight? Here are some awesome muscle building meals that will help you decide. Feel free to leave a comment below with your favorite muscle building meal and the time of day you like to eat it.

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Muscle and Weight Gaining Mistake #1: Not Eating Enough

Eat more to gain weight!

Eat More!

Not Eating Enough: This is the most common mistake made by skinny individuals who struggle to gain weight and pack on muscle.

It may seem obvious that you need to eat more in order to gain weight and build muscle, but for most people it’s not as easy as it sounds.

I have skinny guys and girls tell me all the time that they are “eating a lot but still can’t gain weight”… and despite being able to eat anything and everything in sight, the scale stays the same.

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Too Skinny? Here’s 6 Muscle Building Breakfast Foods

Muscle building breakfast foods eggs

Eggs: A Great Muscle Building Breakfast Food!

If you’re sick and tired of being skinny and wish to gain weight and develop your muscles, it’s important that you exercise regularly and make sure you eat muscle building breakfast foods that are rich in protein.

Eating high protein foods at breakfast is highly beneficial for building muscle tissue and promoting muscle growth.

Listed below are some of the best muscle building breakfast foods that you can try adding to your diet.

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