How to Gain Weight and Build Muscle

February 15th, 2015

how to gain weight and muscle

Are you sick and tired of being skinny? Want to learn how to gain weight and muscle the healthy way?


With so much conflicting advice around this topic, it’s easy to become confused and not know who or what to believe. For this reason, it’s absolutely critical that you get hold of effective weight gaining tips and strategies that have been proven to work for skinny and underweight people who have a fast metabolism.

As a skinny guy or girl who’s desperate to know the best way to gain weight and build muscle, you’ve probably been told “you just need to eat more”, “follow the advice in bodybuilding magazines” or worst of all – the old story of having skinny genes… “Both of your parents are thin, so you’ve got skinny genes too”.

This type of generic advice often comes from well-meaning people like family, friends or workout buddies. While their intentions may be good, getting these types of comments regularly can get pretty frustrating.

**Specialized information and functional knowledge is the key to achieving your weight gain and muscle building goals**


The fact you’re reading this shows you believe there is a solution to your problem. The truth is that despite all the bad advice out there and nonsense about skinny genes, it IS possible to gain weight and muscle with a bit of effort and having access to the right advice and training.


How to Gain Weight and Muscle Fast: 3 Critical Tips


Learning how to gain muscle weight the healthy way is a big topic, however it’s not rocket science. To get measurable results in the shortest time possible, it really comes down to following three critical weight gaining tips that you’ll need to make part of your lifestyle.

These lifestyle changes won’t necessarily be easy to follow at times, but the key here is to make them become part of your daily routine so that you get consistency. After a few weeks, you’ll have built up some momentum and you’ll notice that you’re beginning to make measurable progress. Once you start seeing results, you will be even more motivated to stick to your new routine.

So what are these 3 critical weight gain tips?


1: Follow an effective weight training routine to build muscle and core strength


gain weight and muscle fastYou cannot escape the fact that you’ll need to start lifting heavy weights in order to gain muscle and weight in a healthy manner. Now this doesn’t mean you have to rush out and get a gym membership right away if you don’t have one already. There are plenty of effective bodyweight conditioning exercises that you can do at home or your local park to start with. If you have a few dumbbells or weight plates, you can include them into your workouts as your fitness level increases and you become stronger.

It’s important to note that when learning how to gain weight and muscle, not all muscle building exercises produce equal results. There are only a handful of exercises that produce the most results in the least time – and when you’re skinny you want to make the most of your workout time. Learn more about the most effective weight gain exercises here


**Ultimately, if you’re a skinny guy and want to gain 10-40 pounds of lean muscle weight quickly, the best training routine to follow is one that’s been put together by an expert and designed specifically for those of us with a fast metabolism**


no nonsense muscleVince Delmonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building program fits this requirement perfectly, and has already helped thousands of skinny guys of all ages and fitness levels get the body they desire. By being smart and investing in this specialized muscle building knowledge and training, you’ll have cut out months (or even years) of guesswork and frustration. Instead of wasting time and money blindly following bad advice, you’ll be making consistent and measurable progress.

The No Nonsense Muscle Building program provides you with the critical inside information you need if you want to pack on lean muscle and build the body you desire. It comes with customized beginner to advanced training programs, and a range of 84 day meal plans with weekly grocery lists to make your meal preparation and food selection super simple. You get all of this for less than the cost of hiring a personal trainer for a couple of sessions.

By increasing your muscle building knowledge and implementing what you learn, you automatically gain an advantage over those who continue to follow ineffective routines and waste their hard earned money on the latest weight gain powder or magic pill.

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2: Follow a customized meal plan for healthy weight gain


customized weight gain meal planDiet and nutrition is a critical area that skinny guys most often neglect. You can follow your exercise routine perfectly, but without proper nutrition you can’t expect to gain weight and build muscle quickly.

Diet accounts for a huge percentage of your results, so having access to specialized nutritional information is crucial if you want to make impressive gains and maximize your workout results. You must fuel your body with high quality calories through a well-balanced weight gaining diet at specific intervals and in the right proportions.

Now unless you’re a nutrition expert, it’s unlikely you’ll know much about food selection, nutrient timing, or how to calculate your meal sizes and daily calorie requirements. That’s why having access to customized meal plans that have been designed by an expert will keep this otherwise complicated step as simple as possible.


3: Get sufficient rest and don’t overtrain


sleep for muscle recovery and gain weightYour muscles grow when you rest, so it goes without saying that you should be getting 8-10 hours of quality sleep every night. Allowing your body enough time to recover will significantly boost your results when combined with an effective weight training routine and meal plan.

It’s important to note here also that you must avoid the risk of overtraining – either through excessive weight lifting sets or long cardio sessions. Your goal should be to complete your workout in under an hour, and give yourself time to recover. Allow at least 48 hours between each workout.

**Remember, all three of these weight gaining tips are equally important, so if you neglect any of them or get lazy, your results will suffer as a consequence.**


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