What Type of Weight Gain Supplements and Pills Should I Use?

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weight gain supplements and pills

What type of weight gain supplements and pills should I use? Are they beneficial or a waste of money?

Are you tired of trying to eat more and exercising hard – but still not gaining those extra pounds you need in order to look fabulous?

If you’re a skinny guy and you aren’t seeing significant results after so much effort, it’s natural to feel frustrated or depressed and to begin searching for other alternatives like weight gain pills and supplements that can seem like an easier option.

Weight gain pills, mass gainers and other weight gaining supplements are advertised everywhere as the ultimate option for skinny men who want to bulk up and gain weight. However, it’s essential that you understand the details about these weight gaining supplements before you actually start taking them!

How do weight gain pills work?

Weight gain pills for men and womenWeight gain pills are supposed to enhance your appetite and help you put on weight. One of the biggest problems that thin or skinny people face is their inability to eat a complete weight gaining diet since their appetite is small.

Increased food consumption is a key factor in the process of weight gaining. Weight gaining pills are designed to increase your appetite and help you consume more food. When you take these pills, you start to feel the sensation of hunger and an urge to eat a lot.

Another problem that affects you when you’re thin is your body’s high metabolism rate. Weight gain pills work hard to reduce your metabolism and increase your food consumption rate.

Should I invest my money into weight gain pills?

The short answer is no you shouldn’t, and here’s the reason why:
Weight gain pills may sound like the perfect solution if you’re skinny and want a quick fix, but if you read the list of ingredients in them you’ll be astonished to find that they’re basically multivitamin tablets. Weight gaining pills or powders usually include a combination of herbs, a few amino acids, vitamins and minerals. So what you’re really paying for is an increased appetite and a multivitamin.

Instead of wasting your hard earned money on expensive weight gain supplements or pills, use it to buy quality whole foods and to increase your muscle building knowledge. Invest into learning proven weight gaining methods from an expertthis will get you real results.

How to gain weight without fancy pills or supplements:

1: Increase your appetite

Increase your appetite naturally by lifting heavy weights as part of an effective weight gaining exercise routine. Focus on compound exercises: benchpress, deadlifts, squats, pull ups and dips. Concentrate on your workout intensity. If you’re performing these exercises with intensity, your appetite will increase naturally as you’re forcing your body to create a demand for more calories.

2: Create a calorie surplus

Create a calorie surplus by consuming a balanced weight gain diet of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. You must be in calorie surplus in order to gain weight, so you’ll need to keep track of what you eat and ensure you’ve hit your calorie requirements each day. This can be made super easy by following a customized meal plan.

3: Increase your knowledge

Increase your muscle building and weight gaining knowledge. Having access to proven training methods, customized meal plans and specialized information designed by an expert is the key to defeating your skinny genetics for good. Discover the 3 critical weight gain tips for guaranteed results here >>

Top 3 supplements that can help you gain weight and build muscle:

While you can gain healthy weight through diet and exercise alone, there are a few supplements you can use to boost your results and get more out of your workouts. Listed below are three of the best supplements that can help you gain weight and build muscle when used together with proper nutrition and an effective weight training routine.

weight gain supplement whey proteinWhey Protein Powder
Protein is essential for building and repairing muscle tissue. Whey protein powder is a quick and convenient way to help you meet your daily protein requirements. It can easily be mixed with water or milk as a pre-workout shake, added to smoothies, or mixed with simple carbohydrates like dextrose or Gatorade as a post workout shake. Whey protein powder is the best weight gaining supplement for men and women who are skinny and in immense need of some extra muscle mass.

Creatine is a natural acid that occurs in foods like tuna and beef, and helps to supply energy to your muscles. Creatine monohydrate can be used to increase your maximum strength and high intensity performance in your weight lifting routine. It also helps with muscle recovery after your workout as well.

Glutamine is a non essential amino acid that helps to boost your energy levels and increase your immune system considerably. Glutamine is converted into glucose, which minimizes the breakdown of muscle tissue and improves protein metabolism.

These are three of the most beneficial supplements that you can use together with proper nutrition and an effective weight training routine. They will help you to increase muscle mass and provide the fastest way to gain weight.


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